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Hand Crafted Frames

The majority of the frames that we create begin with raw lumber milled from a variety of sustainable American hardwoods that are joined then sanded and hand finished in sophisticated finishes which include stains, paint finishes and/or gold leaf. Clients can choose from dozens of profiles or create their own shapes and finishes providing an a la carte menu seldom available elsewhere. Our full woodworking shop employs three full time craftsmen who also create three dimensional displays, pedestals, expansion canvas stretchers, custom shipping crates and more.

Welded Metal & Custom Acrylic Frames

Welded aluminum and steel frames are available in a wide selection of finishes and patinas, custom made by hand to your specifications. Likewise, custom acrylic fabrication offers our clients unique Plexiglas wall frames and displays for 2 and 3 dimensional works of art.

Custom Gilded & Antique Reproduction Frames

Our close relationships with gilding studios provide the perfect partnership to our in house capabilities. This allows us to work with the ideal studio for the work that is needed, whether it calls for reproducing a period frame, repairing historic frames or creating unique contemporary profiles.

Pre-Finished Frame Mouldings

To complement our hand-made frames, we offer 1,000’s of pre-finished frame styles that are ordered and stocked in length, cut and joined for your artwork. We select only the best styles and finishes from the most reliable manufacturers to offer a less expensive frame alternative. The same archival materials and handling assure the finest presentation and protection for each work.

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