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Cosmos Club Member Wall

CLIENT: The Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C.

The Cosmos Club was founded in 1878 as a private social club for men and women distinguished in science, literature and the arts. Its membership has included three Presidents, two Vice Presidents, 12 Supreme Court justices, 36 Nobel Peace Prize winners, 61 Pulitzer Prize winners and 55 Presidential Medal of Freedom award recipients.


During a recent renovation of the historic mansion, it was decided to provide a new gallery space to feature 205 photos of these distinguished members.

To create a new and unified display, we provided welded aluminum frames with a warm white powder-coated finish to match the wall color, new matting of the same color and Museum Glass to protect the original images. Numerous photos, degraded over many years of display, were scanned, digitally corrected and reprinted to bring them back to original condition. 

To provide ease of installation and facilitate new additions to the collection, we used cleated, wooden strainers within the frames, allowing installation of all frames to be straight and in perfect alignment.

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